Workers are Making Use of Free Doctors Notes

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the notes of a surgeon

the notes of a surgeon

As an employer, you need to be aware that your workers will at some point in their lifetime seek some days off work by handing in some free doctors notes.

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These excuses will come in the form of doctors’ notes. Beware that some of them may not be genuine even though everything may be done to make sure that they appear real.

You must be concerned with time to time presentations of doctors’ notes from your workers. Since it would be tough to identify fake doctors’ excuses, you may be forced to make use of some tips below just to verify whether they are actually ill or have from time and again been enjoying days off work through the use of fake notes.

You expect a doctor’s note from your employee only when he is sick. So, you need to checkout for any lingering signs of the illness stated in the document. If you find out that there is nothing to show that the employee is sick, you should start questioning it.

A form should also be having verifiable telephone numbers. You as the employer will use these numbers to call the doctor just to confirm that he is the one who wrote and signed the note. In many cases, you will realize that the document does not come from the doctor.

You could examine the doctor’s note you are planning to buy before you pay for it. This is to ensure that all desired information are correct.